Summer Mode

This morning I woke up with terrible allergies. My eyes were puffy and itchy and yay yay yay for runny noses and sneezing.

But. I got ready. Took some allergy meds and we even ended up outside for the morning.

The sun is shining. Our kiddie pool is full.

It’s officially summer!

It’s officially summer mode.

That means more relaxed days. Working really only during nap time. We’ll go to the pool at some point and have lots of outdoor adventures.

I’m in the middle of book edits (okay really the beginning still). But I’m squeezing them in while actually being present. It means putting my phone down and my computer away more. We only get so many summers with our kids and this year we finally get to enjoy it!

V is old enough to go do things. And things are open!

So if you need me, I’ll be enjoying the sun ☀️☀️ and sneezing 🤧😂

love, tay

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