Mom and Sis Came to Visit

Growing up I got to see my grandparents every week. One lived about 10 minutes away and the other about 15. 

I never realized how blessed I was to play with my cousins every Sunday or hug my grandparents weekly.  

As an adult who lives in a different state, I often miss those Sunday afternoons.  

The feelings of love and home that came with it. The feelings that I always experience every time I’m there.  

As a mom, I want Von to feel that love, security, and home feeling wherever we may be.  

Even though she doesn’t see her extended family members every week, we still get to see them often. 

On Tuesday my mom and sis drove to the airport (at 3am) only to learn that their flight was canceled. Major bummer. Thankfully they were able to come today instead. (Well, yesterday, since you’ll probably be reading this Friday)

We hung out, they took Von to the park while I had a work meeting. We watched You’ve Got Mail and had McDonald’s for lunch. We tried to get Von down for a nap but she refused so we went to the library and grabbed a few things from Target I needed for dinner.  

It was a simple day.  

A beautiful day.  

Von played and played and played and loved every second of time she got with my mom and Kenna. It was the best.  

Hugging them as they left for the airport tonight was hard, it always is, but I know I’ll see them again soon. 

I’m feeling super grateful for the sacrifices my family makes to be able to see us as often as they do. In some ways they bring pieces of home here, and in some ways I’m making home right where I’m at.  




Where You Lead, I Will Follow


Do you ever have those days where you wake up motivated and ready to chase your dreams and accomplish your goals?

I had that kind of morning today.  

Even though I got to sleep in a bit today, Von was still sleeping when I woke up and I was able to write for almost an hour and a half! I was feeling pumped and excited about my novel and about my future as a writer. 

Von woke up and we had breakfast and played until it was her nap time. 

In the middle of her nap I was hit with so many feelings. 

that I wasn’t good enough (so why try to be a writer) 

that I wasn’t writing the “right” story (because I have so many ideas) 

and on and on.  

My thoughts started to spiral.  

When Von woke up we had to head up to the leasing office to pick up a package that was delivered there. We were out for maybe 10 minutes but it gave me fresh perspective.  

On our way back to our apartment, Von wanted to take every path we passed. I held her hand and gently guided her to stay on the path that was the easiest and would get us hope the fastest.  

Some of the paths she wanted to go down would have gotten us home just fine. And sometimes she wanted to walk through flowers. 

As we were walking I wondered “I wonder if this is how God feels about us sometimes. He knows the best way for us to get home. There are other ways we can go, different things we can do (that are also good) and there are some paths we shouldn’t take. But He’s always there, holding our hands, ready to lead us.”  

It was a simple yet profound thought.  

I want to be better at listening to God’s voice. We talked about Hearing God’s Voice  yesterday at church and how sometimes we just need to keep walking and doing good and trust that direction will come (when it doesn’t come right away.)

Today I was reminded of that. That I don’t need to worry or freak out because I know that He is up there listening to my prayers, and ready to take me by the hand and lead me along.