What I Learned From My Baby Today

As I was sitting in the bathroom, watching Von play in the tub. I felt that familiar feeling of 'not enough' creep in. I asked myself if I really was 'enough of a mom' to talk about motherhood and mom life here on my blog and on social media.

Even as I type that, it makes me laugh a little. Of course I'm 'enough of a mom' because I am a mom. Whether you have one baby or twelve, you're a mother. The amount of kids doesn't change that fact.

And then I started thinking. One of my favorite bloggers, Erica, mention a while ago how as women we're constantly bombarded with messages that often seem to conflict. 'You are enough' and 'you were made for more' how can we be enough but also be made for more at the same time?

Tonight, as I watched Von play in the tub it hit me.

Von is enough. Just as she is. She's perfect and smart and learning and happy and she's a baby. Which means she's also made for more, she isn't going to be a baby forever. Every day she grows a little more, learns a little more, and becomes a little more.

We're like that too. We're all God's children. And because of Him, we are enough. We are alive and being alive makes us enough, just as we are. But just like little babies, we're also made for more. We all have greatness inside of us. We can all do more than we think we can.

I think I sometimes get caught up in this though. The need to be more right now, right away. Even though no one said that I needed to have all of my goals and dreams accomplished right now. That's often an expectation that I put on myself.

Tonight Von taught me that I am enough and that I'm made for more. That I have so much potential, and that I don't have to hit that success right now. I can grow, little by little, day by day just like she does.

We are enough. You are enough. And you are also made for more.