Tell Me What to Read: Fall 2019

Do you know what I love more than finding a good book myself? Reading a good book that was recommending to me by a friend.


I got this idea from Janssen over at Everyday Reading and wanted to give it a try. A couple of times a year she asks her blog readers to recommend books for her to read. She then picks three, one to read each month for the next three months.

How it works is you give me a title and I’ll pick 2-3 books from your recommendations to read from now until the end of 2019.

I love this idea because I love finding new authors and new books to read. I’d love something fun (not super heavy right now) but I’m up for almost any genre. I love non-fiction, YA contemporary, romance, and fantasy!

So. Go! Hit me with all of your book recommendations and I can’t wait to see what you tell me to read!

Screenshot 2019-08-30 13.27.23.png