The Quiet Morning | Day 3

I pull her close to me. As much as I’d really love her to sleep in her own bed, all night long, I love these morning snuggles. When I pull her to me and I’m the early morning light she drifts back to sleep. Sighing as she enters dreamland.

I’m so glad she finds safety and comfort in my arms.

It’s another morning. Another day full of playing and laughing and dishes and chores and hugs and smiles and kisses. We’re in the thick of it. The toddler years. They’re fun and messy and sometimes make me want to pull my hair out.

Yet on mornings like today, I just want to pause time.

The three of us in bed. Sleeping together as sunlight makes its way into our freshly painted room. As the birds chatter happily outside, and I pull Von to me.

I whisper “today will be a good day” my morning mantra lately. Then I take in Von’s face, how do kids look so small when they sleep? And also full of wonder and innocence. I try to capture the moment with a picture, but really I want to capture it on my heart.

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