We Went on a Tour of Kyoto Japan

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Last night, after we cleaned up dinner and watched an episode of Naked and Afraid, we headed into Griffin’s office and we went on a tour of Kyoto Japan.


Amazon is rolling out a new virtual tour feature where you have a tour guide who walks you through different cities, landmarks, and stores. Telling you all about everything you’re seeing!

It was a paid experience, I think it was like $40 for the 45 minute tour, but it was super cool! And it made us want to go to Japan even more! Someday.

Buddhist temple in Kyoto Japan
Wishes that people make at the Buddhist temple in Kyoto Japan

On the actual tour, our guide (Ken) showed us a Buddhist temple and several other places in Kyoto. You have the ability to capture pictures of whatever the guide is showing you and you can download them after your tour.

We had such a good time talking with Ken and learning more about the places he showed us! We’re hoping to do another virtual tour with him once Japan’s restrictions lift and more things are open. And maybe someday we’ll meet him in real life!

Last night we got to see one of the most Instagrammable (Ken’s word) Buddhist temple, as well as a building that was over 500 years old (the original building was built 1300 years ago, but it’s been bombed once and struck by lightning and was rebuilt.) It was so cool to learn more of the history and virtually be in Kyoto.

You can book a tour with Ken here!

Do you think you’d ever try out a virtual tour? Where would you go?


  1. That really made me want to book a tour! Although,I would love to visit Japan in real when sakura is blooming… 🙂

    1. I cannot wait till we can visit Japan for real! This was so fun to do at home, even if it made us want to go more!

  2. My husband is dying to go to Japan! ’ these are such beautiful photos!

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