What I Read This Month – November 2019

I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving! It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is over and I can officially start counting down the days until Christmas!

I also hope you read a lot of great books in November. I had another awesome reading month (see what I read in October), and can’t wait to share all the books that I read with you! I wasn’t expecting to read too much because I was/did do NaNoWriMo. I still got a lot of writing in, but I didn’t hit 50k and that’s okay. I’m loving my book and someday y’all are gonna read it!

Now to the books that I did read this month.

Happy Sunday friends! ? I’m feeling pretty anxious today so I’ve been flying through my re-read of The Cruel Prince!
This time of year is always pretty hard for me and my anxiety is pretty high because of different dates and memories that come with them. I’m hoping to really focus on my daughter, writing my book, and taking care of myself mentally. And today that means reading in bed under a blanket all day. What are you up to this Sunday?
I also snapped this picture and just had to smile since the floor is always covered with toys or other random things since we’ve got a toddler ? just keeping things real over here!

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What I read in November

Legendary by Stephanie Garber. OKAY WOW. I picked up Legendary after several people talked about it when I asked you to tell me what to read and I am so glad I decided to continue on with this series. There were so many twists and turns and tricks and this book was such a fun time. You can read my full review here.

Finale by Stephanie Garber. WHAT AN ENDING!! YEs. I’m shouting. But WOW! You know those series when things just keep getting better as the series goes on? That was the Caraval series (and the other trilogy I read this month, but onto that in a minute). I loved how this ended. I loved these books. 5/5 for this book and 4/5 for the whole series. My full review for Finale is here.

Meet Cute by Helena Hunting. What a fun romance! There were some slow parts, and some steamy parts (easy to skip over if you want to skip it!) I also loved how there was more than just the romance in this book. There’s a loss, and a custody battle, and it deals with so much more than just a ‘meet-cute’. It was a fun and quick read. 3.5/5 stars.

What’s a series that you love?! ?
Happy Sunday friends! Today I spoke in church about gratitude, I was a little nervous but it went well. Now we’re just prepping for thanksgiving since some family got here today! It should be a fun, busy week!
And to answer my own question, I love The Cruel Prince Trilogy, ACOTAR, and the Shades of Magic series.

The Cruel Prince by Holly Black (reread) I read The Cruel Prince earlier this year and shared all of my thoughts here. I loved this book, even more, the second time around! These are dark and twisty. Jude is a human girl who grew up in the fae world. She wants to earn her place there, but it’s a struggle. There’s politics, a prince who’s not very nice, and lots of blood. It’s a great time.

The Wicked King by Holly Black (reread). UGH. This book killed me in ALL THE BEST WAYS. Seriously, you need to go pick up these books like yesterday. You’ll love them I promise. This book has more of the enemies to lovers romance and it just makes me swoon. There’s more murder and mayhem and morally gray characters who you love and hate the whole time. Then there’s that cliffhanger.

The Queen of Nothing by Holly Black. Okay. Still sobbing about this one. The ending gave me all the heart eyes, but it was a wringer to get there. WOW. I was nervous about the ending of this trilogy, but Holly NAILED IT. I’m ready to read all of these books all over again. And dare I say.. or ask rather… is Cardan the new Rhysand?! hmm I love both of them.

Faker by Sarah Smith. This was a bit of a letdown. It’s hate to lovers but it felt eerily similar to The Hating Game (a book that I adored!) Faker fell a little flat for me, well, the characters did anyway. I wanted a lot more depth to them! It was still enjoyable and a great light romance, but it left me wanting more.

Skyward by Brandon Sanderson. I should note this is my FIRST ever Brandon Sanderson book! And friends, it was amazing! I haven’t read too many books like this (sci-fi isn’t usually my go-to genre) but WOW. I really enjoyed this book! I read all 500 pages in less than three days (thanks to my BIL for loaning it to me while he was here for Thanksgiving. I loved the story, I was interested in the characters and the plot and now I really need book 2 which just came out yesterday.

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What did you read this month? What was your favorite book!?

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