6 Things That Worked for Me This Year

a couple walking down a street, faded with the words "6 things that worked for me" across the top.

Inspired by two of my favorite blogs (Everyday Reading and Modern Mrs. Darcy) I wanted to share a few things that made my year (and just life in general) better.

Some of these are simple and a few are bigger. But all of these things helped make 2020 a better year and I’ll be taking them with me into the new year!

a couple walking down a street, faded with the words "6 things that worked for me" across the top.


1) A Weighted Blanket

Anxiety is not your friend if you want to get a decent sleep. I’d been thinking about getting a Bearaby weighted blanket for a few months but the price was killing me. Then a friend (well social media friend) shared how much they loved theirs and that’s how the first week of November I became a proud owner of a weighted blanket.

It has been life-changing. Anxiety still plagues me. BUT I do sleep a lot better with my blanket.

2) Getting Ready Daily

After I had Von in 2018, getting ready every day was a struggle for me. I didn’t have a good schedule and most days I just stayed in my sweats or pajamas and well, I don’t think that really helped my mental health much. In October I decided to shower/wash my hair every day (showering is hard for me on bad mental health days) and actually get ready every day.

While it’s hard to know how much this has genuinely helped my mental health, I always feel so much better about life and my day if I get up and get ready in the mornings (or sometimes afternoons like yesterday ??)

3) Meal Planning

If you’re one of those people who can just be like “I’m gonna make this today” and not worry about making dinner ever, I’m insanely jealous (if people like this exist). Having meals planned out + having everything I need for them makes me feel so calm.

I haven’t always loved meal planning, but I’m learning to love it and I’m excited to try more new recipes in 2021 and keep to a better dinner time routine!

4) Therapy

Back in April, I shared my thoughts about my virtual therapy that I started in February. I personally feel like everyone should try therapy at least once cause we’ve all got things we need to work through. But my therapist has helped me through some pretty dark moments in 2020 and make a lot of breakthroughs in my healing journey.

If you want to try BetterHelp you can get one week free with this link.

5) Washing my face in the shower

Am I alone in this? For years I’ve tried to get a regular skincare routine down and wash my face daily. But I couldn’t ever seem to make it stick. I forgot more than I remembered, then one day I was like “what if I wash my face in the shower?” I put my facewash on the little shelf in my tub and I wash my face regularly now! So glad I started this habit!


6) Using Chapstick

With many winters of chapped lips behind me, I finally understand the appeal of chapstick. Griffin uses chapstick regularly (and is never without his) and I finally decided to get my own to see if I’d actually like being a regular chapstick user. Maybe I’m late to the game on this one because it seems like I am, but now you’ll probably be able to find chapstick in my bag.

I’m currently using this chapstick because 1) it’s great and 2) the packaging is compostable instead of plastic!


Did you switch up any of your routines or add something new that changed your life this year? I’d love to hear what has worked for you!

  1. These are all such great habits! I also started therapy in 2020, and it made a huge difference for me. I have been thinking about a weighted blanket too, but I get so cold that my comforter usually does the job.

    1. Therapy really does help so much! And we got rid of our big comforter a few years ago, so I’m loving the weighted blanket!

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