Why I Love HelloFresh

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This post is not sponsored. All thoughts and opinions are my own, and we pay for a HelloFresh subscription.

A few weeks ago on Instagram, I mentioned that I was going to try HelloFresh. I’d been thinking about it for some time, and after a random ad for them came in the mail, I decided to go for it! And I’m so glad I did.

What I Like about HelloFresh

Meal planning is 100 times easier

Meal planning has always been one of my biggest pain points. As much as I love cooking, I don’t really enjoying picking new meals to make every single week.

Enter HelloFresh.

Now, each week we pick 3 meals together and they come straight to our door. I still make dinner 3 other days a week, but having this meal service had made my life so much easier, as I don’t have to come up with new meals every week.

We get more variety

We’ve been married almost 6 years now, and I feel like we eat a lot of the same things for dinner, over and over again. While some of the recipes we love are tried and true (and we’ll never give up), it is nice to have more variety.

With HelloFresh you get 3 new meals (or however many you choose) every single week. We’ve tried things, like chicken Shawarma, that we never would have tried before and loved them!

Is the cost worth it?

HelloFresh isn’t exactly cheap. You can get $70 off your first order when you sign up, but once the discount is used, the boxes are on the pricey side.

Right now, the extra cost is worth it, at least for our family. We have been spending less on groceries and eating out less, so it does almost even out completely.

For me, getting meals that are fresh, healthy, and tasty right to our door is worth the extra cost. On days when my anxiety is bad, it’s so easy to just grab a bag and the recipe card and know that in 30 minutes I’ll have a healthy meal in front of my family.

I don’t know right now if we’ll keep the service forever, my husband is a fan and he’s asked to keep it for a while. All in all, it has made meal planning + cooking so much easier, and that’s what I was searching for. I definitely recommend trying it out if you want to mix up what you’re eating, and make mealtime simpler!

Have you tried HelloFresh? If not, do you have any questions that I could answer for you?


  1. We liked Hello Fresh and tried this and other similar services for awhile. I think it’s a great option to try things you might not normally choose to make. I was kinda hoping it would save more of the prep time lol! I don’t mind choosing recipes and shopping for ingredients (I do delivery so I just add what I want to my shopping list), but I wish someone else could do the prep work. I hate having to dice a bunch of vegetables and stuff!

    1. I totally feel you on the prep work! I am super slow when it comes to getting things chopped and ready to cook, but I don’t mind the actual cooking part!

  2. I used to order HelloFresh and loved it. It was convenient and took the stress out of trying to figure out what to eat each week. I’m glad it’s currently working for you!

    1. It’s definitely so convenient!

  3. My husband and I get a meal kit every week, and we rotate between a few different ones depending on the menu. HelloFresh has been one of our favorites recently, especially the vegetarian options! As the one who would be doing all the meal planning otherwise, it’s totally worth it to me to not have to spend all that extra time.

  4. I’ve heard so many good things about Hello Fresh. I’m glad to hear it’s been working great for you! It’s nice to have some of the work done for you. Cooking can feel like a huge task, and this would definitely be helpful. 🙂

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