Writing Update: May 2019

Hi friends! If you didn’t know, I’m writing a book! I’ve talked about writing a book for a long long time. I’ve even started writing books and then left those drafts behind. But I am finally sticking to it. Being a writer + author has been a dream of mine since I was about 12 and it really is just time to make that happen for me.

I’ll be sharing monthly (possibly biweekly) updates on how my writing is going and what is happening over on YouTube. I’d love for you to check out my videos and be a part of this journey with me. Being a writer means doing a lot of the work alone and it also means that unless I have some sort of accountability from myself or others it doesn’t really happen! I’m getting in front of the camera even though it’s still a little weird for me to help hold myself accountable, and to also have some sort of record of my writing journey.

You can watch my first video below, and be sure to hit subscribe 😉

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