Growth Mindset

I was in a funky mindset for a long time.

I knew the things that I wanted to do, but I kept second guessing myself and wondering if it was the “right” thing to be doing. 

Should I write this book or that one? Try freelance writing or being a virtual assistant? Read this book or that one or that one? 

I felt slightly overwhelmed by all the choices but I realized that I just needed to pick something and run with it for more than 24 hours.  

So I picked a book idea to finally sit down and write, and I’m writing it. I launched my freelance writing business because it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. And I’ll keep on picking up books to read! 

Today as Von and I played, I had some TED talks on in the background, most of them about mindset. Our lives really do change when we change our mindset. I’m trying to be better at having a growth mindset and I want to teach Von have that too. When we have a growth mindset, challenges don’t stop us, instead we learn from them and keep going. We keep on trying even when we fail or if it’s hard. I want to remember that.  

I also want to remember that when I get up and work instead of sitting on the couch scrolling through Instagram, good things happen.  



Taking the time to focus on the good and have a growth mindset will change your life. I know because it’s changing mine.  


What I Read This Month: May 2019

I got the idea from Gretchen Rubin to share what I’m reading every week on Instagram using the hashtag #tayeppersonreads I do this mainly because I tend to read a lot of library books and posting one picture at the end of each month doesn’t always work. I post weekly on Instagram and Facebook to share what I’ve been reading, and starting now I’ll be doing monthly wrap ups. These will include this list of all the books I read each month + a 1-2 sentence summary/my thoughts on the books.

You can also follow me on Goodreads where I track all of my reading and sometimes share reviews.

This post does contain affiliate links.

What I read in May 2019:

Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover — I didn’t love this book. I did end up finishing it, but it wasn’t my favorite of the Colleen Hoover books that I’ve read. I still like It Ends With Us better. All of her books have really mature content and I try to avoid that if I can.

Someday Maybe by Colleen Hoover — This one I really didn’t love the characters. I was annoyed by their choices and I’d wanted a feel good book and this wasn’t really that. The writing is great, but I didn’t like the people in the book.

My Favorite Half-Night Stand by Christiana Lauren — Another 3 star read for me. It wasn’t great but it wasn’t terrible. About two friends who hook up and realize that they want to date each other but are also trying to use a dating app to get a date for a wedding. It was a funish read, again, lots of mature content.

Dwelling: Simple ways to nourish your home, body, and soul by Melissa Michaels —I really loved this one. It got me thinking about different things I want to do in our home to make it a place of nourishment to us as we live here.

Love at the Shore by Teri Wilson — This was a quick romance that I read when Von was sick and I really adored it. It was short, sweet, and clean! I love a good romance and I always appreciate when there’s a little less steaminess. I know not everyone feels that way, but that’s what I enjoy. This one was fun!

Wicked Saints by Emily A. Duncan — Wicked Saints is a very bloody fantasy. I really enjoyed the first 30% but then the middle was really slow and by the end I didn’t really care about most of the characters, but I finished it because I liked the prince, Serefin, and his story.

The Near Witch by Victoria Schwab — This one did not disappoint! It was creepy and fun and I loved the writing. I’m realizing that I really just love all of Schwab’s books, but this one is definitely a new favorite! It was her first novel that was just republished this year and it was my favorite read this month!

All in all it was an okay reading month for me. Von got sick and I read a lot of books on my kindle that weren’t my favorite but I stuck with them because I didn’t really have anything else on hand.

In June I’m hoping to read a few fantasy novels as well as some self-help as that’s what I’ve been in the mood for! We’ll be reading Furthermore by Tahereh Mafi for my book club (join here!) and I’m also going to read Peter and the Star Catchers with Janssen from Everyday Reading which is her book club pick for June.

What was your favorite read in May?

What I Read in (1).png

Writing Update: May 2019

Hi friends! If you didn’t know, I’m writing a book! I’ve talked about writing a book for a long long time. I’ve even started writing books and then left those drafts behind. But I am finally sticking to it. Being a writer + author has been a dream of mine since I was about 12 and it really is just time to make that happen for me.

I’ll be sharing monthly (possibly biweekly) updates on how my writing is going and what is happening over on YouTube. I’d love for you to check out my videos and be a part of this journey with me. Being a writer means doing a lot of the work alone and it also means that unless I have some sort of accountability from myself or others it doesn’t really happen! I’m getting in front of the camera even though it’s still a little weird for me to help hold myself accountable, and to also have some sort of record of my writing journey.

You can watch my first video below, and be sure to hit subscribe ;)

Keeping a Record

For a long time, I wanted blogging to be my job. I love writing and connecting with other bloggers and it just felt right. 

But lately I’ve been feeling called to not make blogging my job.  

To really work on my book and getting published. It’s always been a dream of mine, to be an author, and for so many years I put it on the back burner because I was afraid.  

Afraid of failure.  

Afraid of success.  

But I’m finally writing my book again and even though first drafts are tricky, it fills me up. I love writing books and that’s what I want to do. 

I didn’t want to give up blogging completely though. It’s still something I love and I probably will for a long time. 

Tonight at The young women’s activity (I serve as a leader over the girls 12-18 in my ward/congregation) we were talking about family history (genealogy) and someone mentioned how we need to keep a record. 

For years I’ve loved Stephanie Nielson’s blog, how she shares more of the day to day and talks often about how her blog is one record she is keeping for her family.  

I still don’t know exactly where my blog will take me, but I am writing more personal posts and doing it to keep a record for me and my family. Obviously there will be things kept private, but I’ve always loved using my blog as a way to share more of my thoughts instead of using it more as a professional blogger.  

So that’s where I’m at. And if you’re here reading this, thanks, it means the world to me that someone out there is reading my words and I hope that something on my blog inspires you. 



Memorial Day Weekend 2019

Last week was so much fun. My parents were in town because my dad had a work trip here in Denver. He worked Monday - Wednesday while my mom and I hung out and then he hung out with us.

We went on lots of car rides (mostly to Target) but it was nice to get out of the house. Von loved all of the adventures we took and I’m just amazed at how well behaved she is nearly all the time!

Thursday night my mom and I went to Wicked (and Von didn’t sleep until I got home around 11 because she wanted me. Which made me feel real good and loved.

Friday we had to take our car in to get one of the tires replaced so that was an adventure, but I’m grateful my parents were here, that helped me stress less!

Saturday we headed out to Cabela’s to see the fish tank there. We knew that Von isn’t quite old enough to be interested in the aquarium so we went somewhere that wouldn’t cost us anything. She loved the fish, for about a minute and then was distracted by other things.

We mostly spent the weekend hanging out with my parents and enjoying our last few days together.

My parents headed back home yesterday afternoon (but their flight was super delayed since we were on tornado watch! Yikes! Thankfully that passed and I didn’t see any tornados.

Today we’re just taking it nice and slow. I picked up our groceries, did some work, and worked out. Now I’m just writing and about to go work on some book edits (full writing update coming tomorrow if Von cooperates anyway!) I hope you’re having an awesome Memorial Day!


We also had to stop at Krispy Kreme. Von is a huge fan of doughnuts.


She wasn’t feeling church yesterday so my mom walked around with her during Sunday School.


Post workout me. Taking the time to be active and get healthy is amazing. I’ll share more about it soon.


And Von discovered her toes this week and she’s fascinated! It’s kind of hilarious.