Ready to improve your scripture study?


I’ve always struggled to have meaningful scripture study

You know the study sessions when you are filled up and learn and get answers. I wanted to have that experience every time I read my scriptures, but it just wasn’t happening.

I went to an activity at church where the guest speaker taught me a new way to approach studying the scriptures. While I don’t do all the things that she taught us (because I’m a busy mama and haven’t quite made the leap of studying the scriptures for an hour every day) I took her ideas and made it simple.

Scripture study doesn’t have to be hard or take long to be meaningful.

You can get so much out of scripture study if you sit down and have the right tools. Grab my freebie to help you know the 5 things I do every day (that only takes 10-15 minutes) to find answers, receive revelation, and fill up my Spiritual well.