In 2018, I found myself far away from God. I would attend church but I had so much anger in my heart that I didn’t really participate and I wasn’t studying the scriptures or praying much at all. Something started to change though when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter Von. I realized that I wanted her to have a  Christ-centered life and that I wanted that for me too. So, in the fall of 2019, I started The Faith Project.

My purpose with The Faith Project and this blog is to help you strengthen your faith in Jesus Christ every day and help you live your life with purpose.

Every Sunday I will be writing a Christ-centered/faith centered blog post. During the week (on Tuesday’s and Friday’s) I’ll be talking more about life, motherhood, mental health, books, and occasionally something about faith. My main goal with each Sunday post is to help you think about ways that you can strengthen your faith each week.

You can find me checking in daily on Instagram @thefaithproject__ and on Facebook @thefaithprojectblog. On social media, I hope that we can grow our faith together daily, and on this blog, I hope we can grow our faith weekly.

Blog Posts: (Last updated on 11/25/18) For all blog posts you can also click here.

I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
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