Little By Little

Last week as I was reading Waiting On The Road To Damascus, I was reminded that our faith grows little by little.

I’ve been thinking about that phrase a lot this week.

Little by Little

A lot of things grow little by little. Our faith. Ourselves. Our dreams and goals.

We grow and change and become more and different, little by little.

So why do I always try to rush?

Why do I feel like I’m missing something if I haven’t reached my goals that I just started right now . I don’t know where this pressure comes from. Maybe in my own mind or maybe from the outside world.

The feeling that you need to have it all and be it all right now.

But that’s not how life works. That’s not how God works. That’s not how the earth works.

We’ve got seasons for everything. For planting and growing and waiting and resting.

And even during those seasons, especially in the garden, things don’t change that quickly, so why do I think that I need to be where I’d like to be right now? Why can’t it be okay for me to grow slow too?

It is more than okay to grow slow, to grow little by little.

Small progress is still progress.

That’s something I thought about this week as I’ve been working on my book. Writing 1 word is better than 0, it’s 1 word closer to finishing this draft.

One verse in the scriptures will help me strengthen my faith, even if it’s small, but it will still bring me closer to God.

I think we sometimes feel that if we aren’t doing these big and grandiose things then we aren’t accomplishing anything. I know I get caught up in seeing what others are doing and feeling like I can’t ever be where they are because I don’t have the time or resources to do all that they do.

But we don’t have to do big things all the time.

We learn in the scriptures that God brings about great things by small and simple works.

The small, simple, and slow are helping you too.

You don’t need to rush.
You don’t need to feel like you’re falling behind.

You are right where you need to be, and it’s okay to grow little by little.


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