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I’m so excited to share this guest post with you! Today’s post comes from my friend Racquel, she’s shared a post before which you can look at here. Happy Sunday! – Taylor



There is a phrase that I’ve heard as long as I can remember, and it’s usually some variation of primary answers or Sunday school answers or seminary answers. Those 2-3 are easily dismissed as though they don’t have any weight, any importance, any meaningful contribution.


What am I talking about? The little things, the ones that we constantly hear about. Reading the scriptures, saying your prayers, going to church, attending the temple, etc.


When did those answers become something that we brush aside in our search for something with more meat? When did we decide to invalidate the importance of those answers and think of them as something that a child might answer?


Didn’t Jesus Christ Himself tell us to become as a little child and that if we do so we will find our place with Him? If we are supposed to become as a little child, then shouldn’t we be trying to act like one?


As I have grown older and (hopefully) gained more life experience, I see people around me leave their faith. The thought that I might someday be among them terrifies me. I fear leaving the faith that I have grown up with and built my life around and I can’t imagine ever leaving my faith behind for something else. I’m sure that many people who have left their faith were once in my position. So, over the past year, I’ve thought over and over about what I can do to always hold onto my faith. And over and over my answer has always been the same: daily acts of worship.


The primary answers.


Doing those little things seems so simple and so inconsequential, but isn’t that exactly the reason that we should be doing them? When the children of Israel were afflicted with poisonous serpents, Moses took one of them, fastened it to a pole, and raised it up for the people to see. If you chose to look at the serpent, you were healed. So many of the children of Israel did not “look and live” because it seemed so simple, too good to be true.


I think that’s the view that we sometimes take towards our daily scripture study and prayers. We think to ourselves that it’s just one day, what difference will one day make? Then one day becomes two, two days becomes three, three days becomes a week, a week becomes a month, etc.


As I have tried to dive into the scriptures and really seek the Holy Ghost and seek God’s light, I have found that my daily scripture reading is what boosts my testimony the most. My strongest source of the Holy Ghost comes from reading and studying God’s word. When I truly try to communicate with my Father, prayer becomes a strength and a comfort. Going to church on Sundays provides the community and organized gospel learning that I need. Attending the temple can be the antibiotic to the bacteria of Satan’s influences trying to reside inside our souls.


Friends, we need these small acts of worship and we need them daily! Think of how much more in tune with the Spirit you might be if you are seeking His influence every day. Think of how much closer you might be to God if you spend more time building your relationship with Him. How blessed we are to have His word with us and to be able to talk to Him! My challenge this week is to make the little faith-building things a priority every day. I’d love to hear about what you find!


Happy Sunday!

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  1. “it’s usually some variation of primary answers or Sunday school answers or seminary answers.” – ain’t that the truth!

    1. Taylor says:

      It’s so true! I think sometimes I try to do other things that overcomplicated my life and faith instead of doing the basics that I know work!

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