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Von’s First Birthday

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Von turned 1 on Monday and I shared her birth story for the first time. I also wanted to share how we celebrated Von’s first birthday. We didn’t celebrate much on Von’s actual birthday because we did all of our celebrating over the weekend!


Saturday Festivities


On Saturday we went to the motorcycle expo. This was more Griffin’s idea, but it was pretty fun. We weren’t sure what to expect, but Von loved walking around and she was smiling sooo big as we held her hand! She also got a balloon from one of the booths!







Sunday Party


On Sunday, after church, we invited Griffin’s parents over to celebrate with all of us and give Von presents and have her eat cake. I kept it really simple, we made a cake and that was it. Maybe at her future birthday parties there will be decorations and games, but she’s one and we wanted to keep it really simple. Which is exactly what I did! It was fun to have both sets of her grandparents there to celebrate.


Von loved her cake, but not the ice cream so much. She was a little overwhelmed by all of the presents, but she’s been playing with them all week and loving her new books! Which means I think she likes them 😉 All of her presents will be at the end of this post for you to check out!





Von’s Birthday Presents



Never Touch A Monster Book || First 100 Words || Unicorn Toy (similar) || Toy Keys || Little People Play Farm


We got her a few other things from a local toy store (when we went she carried them around the store until we left.) It was a super fun weekend and I’m so glad that we were able to celebrate. I can’t believe that Von is one! I’m excited for all the experiences we’re going to have this next year!


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    1. I love her little pink moccasins they’re so cute!! Happy Birthday Von!

      1. Taylor says:

        I love them too! I’m so sad they are almost too small. Thank you!

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