Hi there, I’m Taylor!

I’m a wife, a mom of one and a firm believer in God and Jesus. I also really love books.

In my many years (nearly 6) of blogging, I’ve gone back and forth with what I wanted to blog about. I can’t tell you how many websites I’ve created over the years. They’ve ranged from lifestyle blogs to book blogs to mental health blogs. But, shortly after having my baby girl in February 2018, I realized that some things needed to change. My priorities had changed and my whole world had changed. I went from working full time to being a stay at home mom + homemaker in just a few months.

Blogging has always been an exciting part of my life because I love to write. As I am in this new season of life I discovered that trying to manage 3, yes you read that correctly, 3 blogs and 3 Instagram accounts just wasn’t working. I wanted a space where I could talk about God and books and mental health and my life. Why did I feel the need to have everything separate? As I’m writing this, it’s almost September and I still have those 3 accounts on Instagram (I’ll be transitioning to just one in a bit, but more on that another day) But I now just have this one blog.

About this blog

This is what you can expect here on this blog. Lot’s about God. I have been focused on so many other things the past couple of years and it is time to focus on God. I’ll be sharing about my faith and how I’ve been growing my faith (through The Faith Project which I’ll talk more about in a post) and how you can strengthen your faith as well.

You can also still expect a lot about books. Before this was mainly a book blog. I love talking about books and it will still be a big part of this blog, but it will no longer be only a book blog.

And you can expect the real, raw, and personal things about motherhood and marriage as those things happen in my life. But this won’t be a mommy blog, I gave that a try at one point too and it wasn’t for me. Basically, The Faith Project is a lifestyle + faith blog.

Welcome to my new blog. My goal is to share God in everyday life, talk about the things that bring me joy (food, babies, and books) and uplift you wherever you are in your walk in life.

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