15 Fun + Cheap Date Ideas Under $20

Hello friends! It’s Valentine’s Day this Friday and I know I’m always wracking my mind to come up with something to do for date night! Whether you’re staying in or going out, I’ve got some date ideas that won’t break the bank or your budget!

Dating my husband is something that has sort of fallen by the wayside (not that we’ve ever been big daters to begin with) but it’s one of my goals for 2020, to cultivate my marriage. And what better way than to go on dates?! But, I’m also doing a spend free year so I wanted to make sure that our dates were affordable and fun!

Date ideas if you’re staying in…

Have an indoor picnic. Cause like, it’s freezing right now! Hello winter 😉 but one of my favorite memories is when we were newly married. I got home and G had a blanket set out with our humble dinner of pancakes and hashbrowns. It was perfect. Cost $5-$10 for the meal!

Read together. You could read a book aloud to each other, or read different books and talk about what you’re reading. This is one of our favorite activities! Cost: FREE!

Relax in the hot tub. I know this one won’t be for everyone (I wish we had our own hot tub) but since we’re currently living with my in-laws, who do have a hot tub, maybe we’ll spend a relaxing evening together. Cost: Free

Make dinner together. Griff and I don’t cook together often, but our favorite is for him to cook some steaks and for me to do the sides! Cost: Up to $20 depending on the steak cuts + sides

Make some cookies. We love good cookies around here! This is fun and simple and a Nestle cookie mix can help if you don’t have a recipe ? Cost: $1-5

Netflix and chill. Rent a movie or pick one on Netflix! This is our favorite date night activity since we’re such homebodies. Cost: $0-$4.99 if you rent a movie

Work out together. There are so many online workouts (Amazon Prime, sample Beachbody workouts) and it can be so fun to get your sweat on together! Cost: Free!

Host a game night. We tend to get bored if it’s just us playing a game. Invite another couple over, have some snacks and get ready to play! Cost: $5-10 for snacks

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Date ideas if you’re going out…

Go to the dollar store and pick out a few things for your significant other. We did this when we were newly married and it was actually hilarious. We gave ourselves a $5 limit for each of us and went to work. We picked out funny things (like tiny clothespins and weird shaped Tupperware) and then we gave them to each other. Cost $10

Visit a museum. Museums are often free (or cheap) to get in and can be so fun. Look up what museums are local to you and go visit!

Volunteer. Did you know that Griffin and I met while serving volunteer missions for our church? Serving at a local shelter can be a great way to spend your time together + help people! Cost: Free

Go to an art show. I know that sometimes art shows can be expensive. But one of our FAVORITE things to do on vacation is finding a local art studio/show that’s free and take a look around. Cost: FREE + some cities (like mine) offer discounts to shows, museums, and other places if you have a library card!

Have a nerf gunfight. This is now one of our favorite Christmas traditions when we’re with Griff’s family. Get together with some friends and have a fun fight. We like to go to our church gym if we can, but as long as you move breakables you could do this in your house too. Cost $8-$18 for the nerf guns

Head to the library. Pick out a book for each other to read. Grab some movies you haven’t seen yet! Cost: Free

Go out, but only for dessert! We’ve got a local dessert bar that I’ve been dying to try! Head to your favorite restaurant and order dessert only. Cost: $5-$15 depending on what you order

Take a walk (or a drive if it’s cold!) Spend some time together, just the two of you. Without a destination or rush to be somewhere. Cost: Free! (or a few dollars for gas)

I’m learning more and more that date night can be fun and inexpensive if you plan ahead!

What are some of your Favorite Date ideas?

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  1. So sweet! I love that you’re challenging folks to get creative with gifting.

    1. Thank you! It’s a fun idea, and we had so much fun picking out little things for each other at the dollar store.

  2. We love an inexpensive date night – or date DAY (because we often do our dates midday). Some of our favorites include indoor – and outdoor – picnics, day trips to a winery, finding a new coffee shop, playing video games together, watching our favorite shows, and making food together! It’s great 🙂

    1. I love all of these ideas!!

  3. These date ideas sound really affordable and fun! This year for Valentine’s Day we thought about cooking a nice dinner or having a game night, but we decided to go to a college sporting event instead.

    1. Thanks! And that sounds like a fun thing to do together!

  4. My husband and I do a lot of these already! It’s so fun to just be in each other’s company that honestly almost anything can be wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Exactly! It’s fun to be with your person, no matter what you’re doing.

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