7 Books That Von is Loving Right Now

It’s no secret that I love books, but my 2-year-old, Von, has also been loving books lately.

We don’t read together every day (that’s something I am working on!) But almost any time she comes to me with a book, I drop whatever I’m doing so that we can read together.

Have you heard of the “1000 books before kindergarten” challenge? I heard about it right after Von was born, but I didn’t start tracking what Von and I have read together until this year. I’ve been wanting to share more of what we read together because I never know what picture books to buy/get at the library.

Today I’m sharing 7 books that she’s loving + I’m sharing a printable to help you track how many books you and your child read together (book tracker coming soon ?). I’ll be sharing more picture books here and there so that if you’re like me, you can get some ideas


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7 picture books Von is loving right now:

1) This Book Just Ate My Dog by Richard Bryne. We love this one! It’s interactive (you have to shake the book to save the characters) which Von loves! This is one of my favorites on the list!

2). If You Give A Mouse A Cookie by Laura Joffe Numeroff. This is a classic and Von asks me to read it at least twice a day. She loves the pictures and the story is fun.

3) Oh My, Oh My, Oh Dinosaurs! This was a board book I got at a baby shower, and I’ve been reading it to Von her whole life. Our copy is falling apart, but we read this one almost daily too.

4) The Existential Giraffe by Eric Kesselman. My husband, who minored in philosophy got this one. Von loves it because it’s about a giraffe. I laugh every time we read it because it’s about a giraffe who isn’t sure he actually exists? I think there are few more books in this philosophers series, but we haven’t read them yet.

5) The Moon Sees You and Me by Caleb Burroughs. Another favorite that just has the sweetest story.

6) Feminist Baby Finds Her Voice by Loryn Brantz. Von loves the pictures in this one, and I like that we can teach her to use her words to make her voice heard.

7) Night, Night Spot by Eric Hill. This is one we read almost every night together. Von has even started saying she’s a pirate (Spot dresses up like one). So this is a staple in our house.

I’m learning more and more that we don’t have to read 1000 different books, some times we will read the same books over and over, but reading is helping her learn and it’s so much fun to share my love of books with her!

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Have you read any of these books with your toddler? What books does your toddler love right now? Let me know in the comments!


  1. These book seem so cute! I need to check these out. Books are such a great way to mend a young reader!

    <a href=“https://cuteandlittle.com”>cute & little</a>

    1. They are all super cute and fun to read! Books really are so great for kids!

  2. We don’t have kids yet but I love reading to my nephew. Buying him new books is so fun because I relive a lot of my own memories!

    1. That’s so much fun! I’m the opposite, no nieces or nephews yet. But I did love reading to my little cousins when I lived by them, and now I love reading with my daughter!

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