A Day in the Life – Sept 21

It’s been a few years since I did “a day in the life” post! They are fun to do, especially fun to look back on and see what the average day was like years past.

I’ve already got a reminder set to do it again on this day next year, because then I can see how life has changed from September to September!

Enjoy the day with me!

5:30 – did not mean to wake up this early, the dog wants out. Again. We did this 3 times already and I just want to sleep.

8:05 – yay! I finally slept for more than an hour 🤪 why is my dog acting worse than a newborn today? Just lying in bed for now. Scrolled a little on Instagram, and checked my email.

9:00 – super slow morning over here, as von finally gets up too. I tell Griffin we are not getting another dog.

9:17 – I am still exhausted from my choppy sleep last night, but I’m starving. And I promised von I’d make pancakes. So let’s do it.

9:45 – the pancakes are cooking! Almost time to eat

10:06 – finished eating. Listening to Reputation and cleaning up the kitchen

10:35 – dishes are done. Dance party is happening this morning. Von loved Shake it Off

10:47 – listened to Wonderland by Taylor Swift and told Von there was a movie about it. Started Alice for her and I’m finally gonna shower.

11:20 – painted Vons nails. I’m finally ready for the day.

11:26 – Von is playing in her room. Time to figure out how to log into our new insurance.

11:56 – finally doing our morning time. We talk about what day it is, our attribute card for the week, and read scriptures together. We do it in Vons room today because she doesn’t want to sit

12:01 – Von is playing, I’m reading my own scriptures for the day

12:10 – I eat lunch

12:25 – Von fights eating, probably cause we had breakfast so late. She goes to play in her room

12:45 – officially start quiet time. She’s playing. I’m outlining the fiction novel I’m about to write.

1:45 – took a break to update this post. Von’s joined me in my office. Back to outlining!

2:10 – finished my outline!! Read a blog post about having a “welcome fall” dinner and ordered a few fall items (below) for our dinner next week! I’ve been wanting to start this tradition for a few years and will finally do it! This year our welcome Fall dinner will be on October 1st!

2:39 – updating this post again. Spent some time on Instagram. Von is finishing a show. It’s time for a snack!

3:34 – now I’m making a snack, Von wants macaroni. I played some animal crossing and Von played with her (our old) Nintendo dog game

4:00 – time to play outside!

4:07 – head to the park now that Griffin is done with work! He gets to come with us. We played on the playground and with bubbles.

5:45 – head home. Griffin wants McDonald’s. He’s craving their apple pies. But hey, I don’t have to cook!

6:05 – set up a picnic in our basement to eat and watch the first episode of this season of The Voice. Neither of us have ever watched beyond the audition stage. Maybe this time we will.

7:45 – wow. That was long 👀 time for a quick bath because von needs one. I watch TikTok videos while she plays

8:05 – trying to convince von to get out. She does. brush teeth, get jammies on (which today is the same dress she was wearing most of the day)

8:35 – how does time slip away at night? Family prayer, get into Vons room. Wind down.

8:56 – update this post. Read a conference talk. Thinking about how today was a pretty good day. Average-ish for this stage of life. Try to have some structure and routines (meals, quiet time) but also go with the flow. It’s hard and fun.

8:57 – I forgot to check flights for a future trip. Dang. Oh and about 6 other things on my to do list. But I can do them tomorrow.

9:05 – finally in bed myself. Time to read, then sleep. I’ll do a final update in the morning of when I actually went to bed. Probably soon though. I’m exhausted.

11:30 – anxiety hit and I ended up reading for a few hours before I actually slept.

But all in all it was a good day!

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