A Day In The Life – August 5, 2019

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I wrote one of these posts a few years ago on my old blog and wanted to do it again. So I kept a note of what I did throughout the day yesterday and wrote it all up. These are fun because it gives a little glimpse into my day as a stay at home mom. I feel like it was a little abnormal (I didn’t work as much as I normally do and I didn’t get a chance to work on my novel) but it was still fun to see what I did all day.

6:20 – Griffin’s alarm goes off and he gets up and turns it off and goes back to bed. I get up to take Persephone out.

6:25 – hop in the shower and get ready for the day

6:45 – Persephone and Griffin are sleeping in the bed so I head out to the couch and eat some cereal then grab my scriptures to do my morning scripture study.

7:15 – scroll on Instagram and Facebook while Griffin gets ready

7:53 – Griffin heads out and I take Persephone out again and get ready for Emily Ley’s live

8:00 – watch Emily Ley’s Facebook live all about her new book When Less Becomes More

8:45 – sign up to be part of the launch team for When Less Becomes More and go grab Von who’s up and playing in her crib

9:00 – heat up quiche from yesterday for breakfast. Von wants all the forks. She dumps her water all over her plate and I give her toast instead.

9:25 – playing with von in her room with her new cups that she’s obsessed with.

9:27 – stick Von in her crib and take Persephone out again. This time she heard a dog and had to go out ?

9:30 – reading and playing with von in her room

10:15 – get Von dressed and ready for the day since we haven’t yet

10:30ish – Von is chasing Persephone and faceplants and bites her lip and there is so much blood and thankfully I remain mostly calm as we get the bleeding to stop and Von to calm down.

10:45 – von has a fat lip but is eating cheetos and drinking water so she’s fine and I’m still a little shaky after seeing blood + Von getting hurt

11:05 – take Persephone out. Again. This dog is gonna Kill me today.

11:10 – von round the remote and wants to watch a show. Trying a new kids show on Hulu and can’t remember what it’s called. Update this post while Von plays with her new cups and water.

11:20 – move outside because it was too messy inside. Von loved it

11:35 – my sis FaceTimes and we talk for a few minutes before promising to call back later so I can focus on von and the water since she wants more


12:14 – come inside to change and calm down before nap time. Von ate a banana for a quick snack before her nap. Let von play inside while I have Worst Cooks in America on in the background.

12:30 – our Von in her crib for her nap

12:35 – ready to start my workout! Just started the 21 Day Fix real time. My goal this week is to show up every day

1:30 – finished workout, caught my breath, got ready again. Tomorrow I won’t shower until after I work out. Oops! Heat up mixed veggies for a mini lunch/snack and reading My Lovely Wife


2:08 – Von is crying. It’s too soon for her to be up, but I get her anyway since she’s sobbing and holding her mouth when I walk in. We snuggle for a bit while she calms down then she eats lunch.

2:35 – Persephone’s been sleeping but woke up when von did, I take her out to go potty. Von is playing now and I’m updating this post. Thinking about how this day is not going like a typical day does. Oh well makes for an interesting time. Who knows what’s gonna happen next.

3:00 – FaceTime McKenna again because we didn’t talk long earlier!

3:45 – von is back in her crib for hopefully another short nap. Work on this post + watch Grey’s Anatomy

4:00 – I put dinner in the crockpot, Von is quiet. I don’t know if that means she’s sleeping or playing in her crib. I don’t look though, and I read more of My Lovely Wife

5:25 – I realize it’s already after five and I go grab Von, who’s awake, but I just couldn’t put down my book. I change her diaper and we cuddle on the couch and watch Baby Shark

5:35 – Griffin get’s home, a little earlier than usual, but I don’t mind. We all head up to the dog park to play with Persephone. Von finds the moon and keeps pointing to it with a big grin on her face.

6:00 – finish making dinner, we eat, and then I just want to sit on the couch but I sort of clean up dinner.

6:45 – watching Survivor as a family, we’ve slowly been making our way through all the seasons (34) that are on Hulu

7:35 – I change into my PJs while Von chases Persephone around the house and I’m sort of freaking out and replaying her falling and bleeding from this morning, but she’s fine. She plays in the sink while I brush my teeth, then she brushes hers and Griffin get’s ready for bed too.

8:00 – Von is still wide awake and we play in her bedroom for a bit, and I scroll on Instagram while she moves her toys from basket to basket.

8:20 – we snuggle on the couch with a bottle for Von, she’s still pretty restless. We pray several times because she wants to and she keeps asking for dad who’s in the bedroom.

8:50 – Griffin comes out to take Persephone out to go to the bathroom one last time and Von pops up, excited to go outside, even though she’s still so sleepy. Griffin takes her out and they go out with the dog.

8:52 – we all snuggle in mine and Griffin’s bed because Von wants to snuggle with dad before she sleeps. We pray a few more times because she keeps kneeling and folding her arms. Then she settles in, curled up beside me and we snuggle until she falls asleep. I move her to her crib and grab my laptop.

9:25 – I have some client work to finish which I do and then send to her, and then I prep for our coaching call tomorrow morning.

9:56 – Update this blog post and add pictures and schedule it to be posted tomorrow morning!

10:08 – heading to bed!

That was a day in our life, what’s one thing you did today?

  1. I love getting to see what other people’s days look like. Looks like you had a very full day!

    1. I think it’s fun to see as well! It was a busy day for us!

  2. Aww, looks like a very productive day! I love blog posts like this haha, thanks for sharing!

    1. I love blog posts like this too, it was fun to keep track of what I did all day, I might just make this an annual thing haha!

  3. That’s a full day! I’m impressed you got a workout in. My day starts early, too. My youngest is such a morning person!

    1. It was a busy day! I’ve realized that waking up early to work out just wasn’t working for me, so now I do it during the day and now it gets done! I’m grateful my daughter sleeps a little longer, even though she’s so happy in the mornings.

  4. What a full day! This is interesting…and now I want to record everything I do in a day and see what it looks like on paper!

    1. Yeah it was so fun to do! I got the idea from another blogger, and I was just interested to see what my day would hold.

  5. Love this! This will be so cute to look back on in a year or many more. And you’ll probably remember it so well, even though it was just an average day!


    1. Yes it will be fun to look back and remember what life was like with a toddler!

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