Another Chapter

I’ve gone back and forth so many times with my blog for the past few years about what to share and what to not.

I’ve said it before, and hopefully this is the last time, but I got caught up in the blogger world and not in a way I’m particularly proud of. I tried so hard to grow and do things that might earn me a few bucks. But some of the things I wrote about were at the expense of being fully authentic.

Yes, I love sharing book lists and talking about things in my life that I’m loving.

But there’s an ache in me for how blogging used to be. The way I only seem to see in a handful of blogs now. Where they share more of the cadence of every day life. Not (generally) with the intent to make money (also not saying that’s a bad thing, just doing it so often is not for me).

So truly, things will be changing a bit here. This feels like a new season in my life as I work towards becoming an author, but also as I change a few things about how I blog.

A few things to note: I will still share some affiliate links (if you make a purchase I make a tiny commission) but I’m going to be better about sharing products and companies that I truly, truly love (meaning no affiliate links for a book I haven’t read) and I will still have ads on my sight (for now). I am keeping these elements because I’d still love to make a little money from this blog, but I’m not planning to do many sponsored posts.

Writing is what I love to do.

But I feel like I got swept away in trying to blog like everyone else that I forgot what I want for this space.

This is a new chapter, one I’m excited for. I won’t tell you what exactly to expect yet, because I don’t completely know. I just know some things will be changing because I’ve got to follow what my heart and gut are telling me ❤️

I hope you’ll stick around for all these future adventures.

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