Do you need a reset? – April 2020 Goals

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Last week, before I sat down to think about my April goals, I didn’t want to do it.

So much of the world changed in March, at first I was like, what is even the point?

Then last week I went to a free webinar from Lara Casey, the creator of Powersheets. In the past, she has always filled me up and made me so excited to set goals and make things happen. During this webinar, there was a bit of a shift.

it wasn’t just about setting goals and making things happen. It was more about finding our place in this new and strange season. And as I shared on Friday, I left full of hope.

Normally in these posts I do a recap of the last month. But I’m not going to today. In January I shared my big goals for the year. And while they are still sort of applicable, my main goals for the next season have shifted. I’ll share those, and then I’ll share what I’m doing each day, week, and over the month of April, to reach those goals.

My new main goals

  1. Strengthen my faith. Make God + Christ the center of my life.

  2. Support small businesses

  3. Create create create

  4. Implement new routines and rhythms in our life to create a better flow of things.

I love that even though everything is different right now, instead of panicking (which I did do for a while) I’m turning to face a new direction, one where I can make good things start to grow at this time. Where I can strengthen my faith and make this time a time of beauty, planting, and growth, instead of being full of fear.

April Monthly Goals:

  • Delight in General Conference. This was last weekend and I loved it! I feel so much more peace and hope right now, so this is a goal that I already finished. I am excited to review the talks again.

  • Support 1-2 local or small businesses ($100 limit) I know there are a lot of people struggling right now. I’m so glad that Griffin is able to work from home. We want to do our part to support local or small businesses. Have a shop? I’d love to take a look at it! We are giving ourselves a budget for this because we are still working towards buying a home, but we want to give back as we can.

  • Create a morning routine for me & Von. Because life is crazy and we need some structure. I still don’t know what this looks like, but we’ll get there.

  • Create a bedtime for Von and STICK TO IT! I’ve made the routine, we’ve done it the past few days. It involves jammies, brushing teeth, reading a story, praying, and snuggles. We’ve never been good at bedtime, so it’s time to start!

  • Finish draft 4. I’m so so so close to finishing this draft! It’s gonna be the best draft yet!

  • Send draft 4 to beta readers/read through it myself. Once I finish I’ll be sending it to beta readers, and doing my own read through before I get their feedback.


April Weekly Goals:

  • Share a small shop I love on social media or here on my blog. Another way you can support small shops is by talking about them on social media, maybe you can’t buy from them right now, but someone can!

  • Share a spiritual thought on IG or on my blog. My faith has always been important to me. In the past month, I’ve found a lot of peace from God and I want to talk about that more. We all need a little more hope and a little more light and I hope to do a little more to share.

  • Writing update post or IGTV. It’s been so fun to share my updates over on Instagram (are we friends yet?!) and I’ll continue to do so throughout my writing process.

  • Weekly planning. Yup, we’re home all the time, and yup I’m still filling my planner (I’ll be doing an IGTV about this soon). It’s important to have things to do and structure in your days when there is so much chaos happening. We’re trying to stick to our weekly routine as much as possible.

  • Social Media free Sundays. This is a day I get to talk to more of my family members via FaceTime and Zoom. It’s a day we gather as a family in our home to do at home church. I want fewer distractions, at least one day a week.


April Daily Goals

  • Write the Word. I love my Write the Word journal. It gets me into the scriptures + helps me journal out some of my thoughts. I highly recommend trying one of these if you’ve been wanting to be in the Bible more and if you want to make journaling a daily practice. It’s one of my favorite parts of the day now.

  • Morning routine. Still figuring out what this looks like for me, but trying to add more routine and rhythm to our days.

  • Phone down at 9 pm. Whether I read or just go to bed, the evenings have been less stressful (in the past 6 days I’ve done this) and I’m so glad I made this a goal. I need some time to wind down from my phone and this has been great.

  • Write for 30 minutes. Cause I want to finish this draft! And even if it takes a little longer than I hoped, it will get written! One day, one word at a time.

Those are my goals for April. I’m excited to really grow my faith and focus on creating a home space that has a little more rhythm and structure for all of us.

What are you working on this month? What do you want to use this time for?

  1. Like you, my goals for this month have shifted from what I thought they would be at the start of 2020. I am focusing on gratitude, staying connected to loved ones and my physical health.

    1. I love that so much. Slowing down and recognizing what you have + enjoying the time you have with loved ones is so necessary!

  2. Hey Taylor,
    If you still need beta readers for your book, I would be interested. 🙂
    -Noelle (Longhurst) Blaylock

    1. Hey!! 🙂 I’ll send you a message on Facebook soon!

  3. Wow, you have some amazing goals for the month! I desire quite a few of these things too; however, I’m not so sure I can get them all! I always aim so high but then can fall short if I have too many goals, so I have started to narrow them down.

    1. Thank you! I totally get narrowing down and not overwhelming yourself! I love breaking up the bigger goals into smaller tasks so that it doesn’t seem as overwhelming. And I always remind myself that all progress counts, even if it’s small!

  4. These goals are AWESOME. And I’m glad you decided to create them. Once goals are written down, they almost serve as their own accountability partner haha. You can refer to them when you’re feeling uninspired or frustrated, and get back on track. But of course, it’s always good to give yourself grace when things just aren’t happening as well. It’s a tough season for everyone. But we WILL get through it. You rock, girlfriend!

    1. YES! I have to write them down or else I never get them done, ha! I also love sharing on my blog because it helps me stay more accountable! Definitely giving myself lots of grace in this new season of life! And you’re right, we WILL get through this!

  5. I admire those that have had their routines completely turned upside down, and have been able to take that and turn it into a brand new routine instead! We never really had a routine over here anyway, being part time workers with constantly changing hours. We did have a lot of big goals for this year that have been thrown out the window until further notice, so now I’m focusing on the smaller things that make me happy – creating, writing, and reading – until this is all over!

    1. My life didn’t change much (I was already home with my 2-year-old!) But establishing better routines has already been helping all of us! I should have done this forever ago, but I’m glad I’m doing it now! It’s definitely a weird and different season, creating, writing and reading area great things to be doing!

  6. We have all had to shift our goals over the last few weeks, but it seems like you have some new ideas that are really relevant and achievable now. I love how you break them down by monthly, weekly, and daily!

    1. Yes!! I wanted to have something to work towards, but I didn’t want to be completely overwhelmed. It’s a different season of life, but we can still be moving forward!

  7. These are some great goals. I think it’s wonderful that you’re trying to support local/small businesses. I’m doing the same right now – we order takeout/delivery from a local restaurant still open once a week. I’ve also set some goals for April but I’ve tried to make sure I don’t put too much pressure on myself, because these are hard times and it’s okay if we don’t get everything done.

    1. We just ordered takeout from a local business last week too! And I 100% agree, right now is hard, I’m giving myself lots of grace over here. I still want to be taking steps forward, but even if they are baby steps, I’m okay with that! And I’m okay with days when we just watch movies all day.

  8. I need to be better about creating monthly goals! Thanks for the prompt to do it!

    1. You’re welcome! I love setting goals!

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