Calling on God’s Grace

Maybe I should be writing this post for The Faith Project, but I’m writing it here instead.

The past few weeks I’ve really been thinking about what I want to accomplish specifically with this blog.

I love blogging and writing and creating new content, but I was reading my old blog this morning and I miss the blogger I used to be. The one I was when I just wanted to write and share goodness with the world.

Not the one concerned with numbers and followers and if I was creating the ‘right’ content. As I’ve mentioned in the past, I’ve loved Stephanie Nielson’s blog for years. I’ve been reading it fairly regularly since I returned home from my mission 5 years ago. (I even used the same font as her on my old blog, but well, I miss it so we’ll see how this goes).

I don’t want to be just like her in what I blog about, but I do love how she writes about what she wants to share. She writes an online journal (essentially) for her and her family and that’s why she does it, but I know so many people get inspiration from her every day and every week.

I had a very haunting dream last night.

One that could be all to real in this crazy and scary world we live in. When I woke up my first thought was to be afraid. My second was to share the light. Share the good. Make the world a little bit brighter through my words and my talents.

Yesterday I taught our Young Women all about God’s grace. What it is and how we are always worthy of His Grace. This morning, I got up and started reading old blog posts. While I’ve learned a lot since 2015 when I really started blogging, there are a few things I’ll be doing differently now that I did do back then. And to be honest, i’ll be calling on God’s grace to help me.

To give me guidance as I take the next steps in this journey.

I’m grateful for all that I’ve done as a blogger, I really have learned so much. But more and more this year I’ve learned my mission as a blogger. I want to live with faith and purpose and help women do the same.

We’ll still talk about great books, but there will be a lot more about life, goodness, motherhood, and God. I feel a calling greater than myself to talk about these things here. Somedays I want to run from it, but at the same time, I want to share them so that someday Von can know all the things we did in her childhood, so that she can find answers to her own questions as a wife and mother and daughter of God. And so that all the women who already read my blog, can find those answers too. And so I can find those answers along the way.

I mentioned a few months ago, how things are changing here. But then I slipped right back into my old habits of what I was doing before and what hasn’t been bringing me joy. Instead I’ve been stressed and anxious and lashing out on Von and Griffin and I know something has to actually change this time around.


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