Favorite Books Friday Instagram Roundup! – April Favorites

Every Friday since the beginning of April, I’ve been sharing one of my favorite books each week for my new tag #favoritebooksfriday.

I started this because I wanted to talk about the good books I love and recommend them in this crazy time of COVID-19. It’s been so fun to share these with you and I’ve loved seeing all of your favorites as you’ve joined in!

Today I put together a roundup of the past 5 weeks, so they’ll all be in one place. I’ll do this regularly so that you can find all of my favorite + most recommended books in one spot.

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Favorite Books Friday Instagram Roundup:

The Serpent King book

As seen here // THE SERPENT KING

One of my favorite hard-hitting YA Novels. The writing will suck you in and the story will make you laugh and you’ll definitely cry.

It’s time for another #favoritebooksfriday today I’m sharing When Less Becomes More by @emilyley ?
This quickly became a favorite when I read it last year. But I’ve been slowly rereading it in the mornings during this crazy time and it feels so applicable and good for this time in our lives. Sometimes we need to slow down and savor the good life and Emily shows us how to do that in this book.
This is a book that I honestly believe every woman should read at some point in their lives. It’s been life changing for me ?
What’s a book that’s close to your heart?


Now is the perfect time to slow down and reevaluate your life. Sometimes the good life is better than a great life.

What’s a book that pulled at all your heartstrings?
Happy Friday friends! It’s nearly the weekend ? and it’s #favoritebooksfriday. Today I’m sharing Our Dark Duet by Victoria Schwab (which might be my favorite novel of hers ever). This story is all about monsters who want to be human and humans who act like monsters. And the ending ?? it’s so good and worth it to read but you’ll definitely cry!
Do you have any fun weekend plans?!


In a world where monsters want to be human and most humans act like monsters, what will happen next? I love this duology, it tugs at your heart and makes you question what it really means to be human. Also, Victoria Schwab, she’s a queen.

What are you planning to read this weekend?
It’s Friday night. We just watched the weird version of Cats ? and now I’m popping on here to share my #favoritebooksfriday for the week. I loved Eliza and Her Monsters the first time I read it, and the few times I’ve read it again. There’s great mental illness rep in this book. You’ll love it if you love fandoms. And it’s just a really great story! ?
I’m planning to read more of Ninth House this weekend! I hope it’s a good one for you!


Just in time for Mental Health Month, we’ve got Eliza who is an anonymous artist of an online comic that everyone is buzzing about. And she’s got anxiety. Then when she meets one of her fans in real life, she doesn’t tell him who she is.

Happy Friday friends! What’s something that made you happy this week?
Today is our 5th wedding anniversary and we’ll probably do a pick up order of food since we can’t go eat anywhere. Not exactly how we pictured spending our anniversary but we’re going with it!
I know that this time is weird. That (for me personally) we go through periods where we’re like “okay this is weird but I can handle it” and other moments when you just want to scream “can this be over yet?!” I feel like I go through a cycle of both these phases almost weekly. It’s okay. This is weird and hard and a struggle for most of us. You aren’t alone.
I’ve always found a lot of solace in books and in reading. In April I started #favoritebooksfriday to talk about books that i love, because they’ve always given me so much comfort.
One of my all time favorites, that I read as a brand new newly wed was The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. I loved the idea of doing things regularly to boost your own happiness (and the happiness of the people closest to you). This is one of the only personal growth books that I really love (and I’d say that Happier at Home is a really close second)
I’ve been trying to do better at looking for the good (it’s really hard for me) but this week I’m grateful for good friends and family, for my book club, and for my marriage ?


One of my favorite self-help/personal growth books. Can you really make yourself happier? Follow along with Gretchen’s journey to see how her project worked for her!

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April Best Sellers:

These top sellers are pulled from my analytics, where I can see what you clicked + shopped the most from all my links throughout the month. Don’t worry, I don’t know who bought what! But it’s helpful to see what you guys are loving, so I can share more books + products that you and other readers of Bookish Tay will love!

1) A Curse So Dark and Lonely — Looks like you’re all getting ready to read ACSDAL with Tay’s Book Club this month! There’s still time to join + grab a copy if you haven’t yet!

2) When Less Becomes More — I’ve been pulling out my copy in the mornings, so I don’t blame ya that you’re wanting to slow your mind a little and focus on what matters most, instead of being overwhelmed and burned out during this time.

3) Again, but Better — Tay’s Book Club pick for April! This is a book that’s all about second chances, I loved reading it, even more, the second time.

4) 3-Pack Minimalism Art Journals — I shared these journals in one of my weekly newsletters (sign up below!) about how much journaling has been helping me with anxiety and just to get out my thoughts on paper. I love these journals because there is tons of room to write or doodle, or make it a bujo. I’ve used the yellow and pink ones previously, and when I fill in my last pink one, I’m thinking about getting blue.

5) The Last Magician — This book was included on my post 10 Fantasy Books to Read if You’re New to Fantasy. The Last Magician is a perfect place to start if you’re new to the genre!! (and it’s ONLY $5.99!!)

6) Atomic Habits — Ready to change your habits? This book is a quick read full of tips and tricks that will actually help you make better habits and drop the bad ones!

7) Throne of Glass — Another suggestion from my fantasy books post. I love this book, and it’s probably time for me to actually finish this series! An assassin who’s freed from prison to fight to become the king’s assassin.

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  1. The Happiness Project definitely sounds like a must-read for me. I could use an encouraging/self-help style book right now. Thanks for the rec!

    1. It’s truly one of my all time favorites! I hope you enjoy it!

  2. I haven’t been reading a whole lot lately, I’ve been working non-stop. But The Happiness Project sounds neat. And I love that you started a book club!

    1. It’s been so fun to have an online book club, especially right now! And The Happiness Project is one of my go-to books! I’m always recommending it!

  3. so many good books to read! i need to check out The Happiness Project!

    <a href="https://cuteandlittle.com">cute & little</a>

    1. You definitely should! The Happiness Project changed my life!

  4. I’ve never been a huge self-help book person but I LOVED The Happiness Project. I found it such an inspirational and fun read as well!

    1. Right!? It was one of the first self-help books that I ever read. And to this day, it’s one that I’ll recommend again and again!

  5. I’ve been hearing about the book “The Happiness Project”! It’s sounds so inspiring & encouraging!! Also that book “When Less Becomes More” sounds SO good! I hadn’t heard of that, yet! Thanks so much for all the suggestions!

    1. The Happiness Project is so inspiring!! And When Less Becomes More was one of my favorite books I read in 2019!!! I hope you enjoy these if you pick them up 🙂

  6. I am definitely interested in "When Less Becomes More". Sometimes I want to read something lighthearted, other times I want something more substantial. I am also a firm believer in the title! Thanks for the suggestion.

    1. It sounds like something you’d love! I hope you pick it up! 🙂

  7. Wow, so many books and I have not read any of them till now. As we are at home not going out, this is the best time to read some of the books listed above. I would surely go for Serpent King and Our Dark Due.

    1. Yay! I hope you love them!

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