February Goals

Happy February! Today’s post is all about my goals for this month! I’m a day later than usual because yesterday was my daughter’s birthday and I wanted to do as little work as possible!

Before I get into my February goals, I’ll do a recap of how my January goals went.

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As I mentioned last month, I use Powersheets to set + track my goals. Powersheets are an intentional goal-setting tool that I love. They help me focus on what matters most to me and set goals accordingly.

January Monthly Goals:

  • Schedule Date Nights. We went on a date night in January but decided that we’ll schedule each date night every month so it’s not too far in advance.

  • Make a revision plan and get started. I put my scenes in order and started my re-write!

  • Schedule Temple trips. Yes! Well, same as with date night, this is something I’ll do monthly. I didn’t make it to the temple on my scheduled date because Griff and Von were BOTH sick. But that’s okay, there’s always next month.

  • Make a Playlist. Yup, I got started on this!

  • Create a 2020 reading challenge. YES! Grab it here!

January Weekly Goals:

  • Pay $500 (or more) towards debt each week. We did do this! We’ll be finished paying off our debt this month!!

  • Come, Follow Me Sunday School Lesson. I missed 2 weeks (with my people being sick) but I’m on track now.

  • 1 Blog post. YUP! It feels so good to have a consistent blog schedule.

  • Epic Wives Experiment video. Nope. I fell behind when I went to visit family. I’ll be catching up this month.

January Daily Goals:

  • Read the Scriptures. Not every day, but more consistent than I have been in the past! I love being close to God in this way.

  • Move my body, 30 minutes a day (5 days a week). Nope. I think I intentionally worked out three times in January. I’m hoping to start a little smaller this month, to make it more of a habit.

  • Journal. I didn’t journal daily, but I did journal when I felt like it and wanted to, which I think is great progress. I’m not going to make this a daily goal, even though I do hope to make this a habit.


I feel like January was a great month, but I also felt a little overwhelmed by my goals and everything I was trying do and with school starting. So, in February I’m slowing things way down.

Starting small is still starting.

That’s my mantra for the month! My goals are all about starting and making small progress. And I’m only going to be focused on ONE thing. I’ll still be reading the scriptures daily and going on a date with my husband, but my main focus in February is my book.

February Monthly Goals:

Finish draft 3 edits/revisions. MY BIG goal for the month. Finish draft 3!!! It’s totally possible, especially because my weekly and daily goals will help me get there.

Start a list of potential agents. I’d really really love to be traditionally published. Which means that once my book is ready, I’ll start pitching my manuscript to agents. I want to start making a list of potential agents and their pitching requirements so I don’t have to do as much research when it’s time to pitch.

Find my first round of beta readers. I’ll be having several people (most likely 7-10) read my novel in March and provide feedback. I’ll be putting out feelers + getting everyone’s info so I can send them my book as soon as it’s ready!


February Weekly Goals:

Share writing updates on Instagram. This will help keep me accountable, by talking about my book once a week on Instagram. You can see all of my updates at @bookish_tay. I’ll be sharing every Wednesday or Thursday on my stories.

February Daily Goals:

Write or edit. There are some scenes that only need editing. There are a few places in my book that I’m completely re-writing. No matter what I’m working on, I want to be doing something in my novel every single day.

Track Finances. I know this isn’t book related. But I started tracking our spending/income for my spend free year and I want to make sure I actually do that daily so I don’t fall behind!

10 pushups. I want to make health and fitness a part of my life again. I’m starting super small this month, but all progress no matter how small does add up.

February goals Blue.png

I’m really excited to be focused on my novel in February and see what progress I can make! What are your goals this month? Tell me about them in the comments!

  1. Those are some great goals! It’s so important to have date nights and also manage your money well. Great reminders!

    1. Thank you! I agree, date night is so important!

  2. Good luck and great list! Inspired me to update my own monthly goals!


    1. Thank you so much! It helps me stay accountable when I share my goals here.

  3. one of my goals is paying off debt as well. I have been doing this all year anfd love th results that I see.

    1. That’s awesome! We’re so close to being debt free!

  4. This is amazing, one of my goals is to finish paying off debt this year!

    1. Woohoo!! I’m so excited to pay off all our debt!

  5. Your book goals are AMAZING for this month. I’m so excited to see how things come along with what you’re writing. I hope I get to read it one day very soon! I also hope you get your dream of being traditionally published!

    1. Thank you so much!! I’m so excited to write and edit to get my novel to where I want it to be!

  6. I love how you break down your goals into monthly/weekly/daily. I might have to do that, too! My goal for February is to make time for stillness every day. ?

    1. It helps so much! I also try to schedule out when I’ll do my monthly goals, so that I don’t have them all waiting at the end of the month 🙂 I love that your goal is making time for stillness, that is so important!

  7. 10 push ups! I need to add that to my goals. Look forward to following along your journey on IG.

    1. It’s small and simple but over time it adds up!! And I can’t wait to share on Instagram!

  8. I admire how organised and specific you are about your goals! Mine are quite broad, to be honest.
    I also love the planner!

    1. Thank you so much! My Powersheets have really helped me get more focused. Before my goal would have been "work on my book" but now I can break it down more and these goals help my progress go so much easier.

  9. You inspire me! I’ve been so lost in the newborn world that I feel so out of control with my life! I know it’ll pass and I’ll have more free time and I should be soaking up every moment that I have with her but it’s hard when I don’t feel like me or that I get to have me time still.

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