Happy Friday, Happy Reading #1

Hi friends! Happy Friday!

Back in June, I shared how my blogging career/blogging journey was going to be changing. I definitely still love blogging and can’t call it completely quits, but the way I’ve been blogging has changed.

That being said, along with Midnight Musings, I wanted to introduce a new series that I’ll be sharing on my blog. As of right now, I’m not promising that this will happen every week, but maybe eventually. Each Happy Friday, Happy Reading post will include a book that I finished or am currently reading that week, a useful tip or tool that I’ve been loving, and something inspirational.

My hope is to spread a little more joy, talk about books, and share something that will be helpful/useful in your own life!


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Need a faith refresh or looking for some peace? Sign up for the free Write the Word challenge happening August 17 – 31. I’ve already signed up! You don’t have to have a Write the Word journal to join, but you can get one here if you want to use that instead of your own notebook!

Earlier this year I shared how using my Write the Word journal (and actually, this challenge last year) changed my faith and relationship with God.

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Surely I’m not the only toddler mom out there who’s going a little… crazy… TBH when COVID hit in March and the world shut down, we were coming out of our winter months where we’d been home most of the time anyway (welcome to the joys of a one-car fam) BUT as it got warmer, it got harder to stay inside. Sure, we go on walks and play in the yard.

But trying to figure out what to do all day every day was getting a bit exhausting. I loved this video from Jordan Page about how to keep kids entertained at home. Not in the mood to watch a video? Check out her blog post with a lot of the same ideas!

In her video, she chats about Kiwi co which is a subscription that I love and that Von loves. Every month it comes with an activity (you chose your crate based on the age of your child) and it comes with everything you need! Get $10 off here.

Pretty Things Audiobook

This week I finished listening to one of my favorite thrillers of the year, Pretty Things by Janelle Brown. Pretty Things is incredible, a little disturbing, and also fantastic. It follows two women from completely different worlds, one an heiress the other a grifter. We follow an amazing con from start to finish, see amazing character growth, and there’s also a narrative on social media use which I thoroughly enjoyed. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

I think reading a physical copy would be just as fun as listening to it was.

Grab a copy of Pretty Things | Listen for free with a new Libro.fm account

What are you reading and loving this week?

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