Some Things That I Love

I love snuggling with Von and Griffin in the mornings.

I love the first snowstorm before Christmas. I love Steve, our fire-breathing t-rex tree topper. I love listening to Christmas music.

I love sitting in a room, full of family, listening to grandpa tell stories from when he was young. I love hugs from both my grandma’s. I love sugar cookies and card games and laughing so hard you cry.

I love listening to Taylor Swift music. I love dancing around my kitchen with Von.

I love going to the library and wandering around and picking up way too many books. I love a good love story. I love the movie Leap Year. And Letters to Juliet.

I love watching TV together as a family after dinner.

I love reading aloud to Von before bed.

I love hot showers. I love washing my hair. I love going to bed before ten. I love waking up with Von’s face pressed against mine, because she snuck into our bed at some point in the night. I love how she always wants chocolate milk with breakfast.

I love getting lost in a good book. I love re-reading my favorite books. I love reading something that makes me feel alive.

I love quiet afternoons. I love mornings I can write. I love the sun.

I love holidays and traditions. I love being with family. I love talking to my dad and FaceTiming my mom. I love that my sister is my best friend.

I love other people’s babies. I loved Von as a baby, but I love her as a three-year-old even more.

I love songs about Jesus. I love praying. I love reading God’s word.

I love reading blogs.

I love going outside to play with the dog.

I love when Griffin catches my eye across the room and we both laugh because of something Von said or did.

I love grocery pickup. I love having a bra that fits. I love painting my nails. I love talking with friends. I love spending the day in bed.

I love the ocean. I love Laguna Beach and my friends there and in Southern California. I love Disneyland.

I love cooking and eating good food. I love Lay’s potato chips.

I love dresses and sweatshirts.

I love writing romance stories.

I love 11:11.

I love this list of things that I love, that could keep going on and on.

This post was inspired by Ashlee Gadd.

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