What We’re Getting our 3-Year-Old for Christmas This Year

It’s that fun time of year when it’s really time to start thinking about what to get your kids for Christmas! This year we’re keeping things super simple, a few toys (from us and family) and then we’ll be starting a savings account for Von as well.

Here’s what we’re getting our 3-year-old for Christmas this year.

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A Yoto Player: The Yoto Player has been on my radar for a few months now, and I think it’ll be such a fun Christmas gift! This plays audiobooks, a yoto radio station, and really is perfect for us since we accidentally melted our CD player with a space heater being right in front of it. Oops! We ordered the player, the $10 card starter pack, and the Winnie-The-Pooh collection. I’m so excited to add more cards and stories to our collection over the years. It’s gonna be a great way to listen to more audiobooks! Get 10% off here!

This baby doll: All Von is asking for this year is a baby doll. (Well, she originally asked for a real baby but I told her that Santa doesn’t bring those). This doll is really inexpensive, but it’ll work for what Von wants. She’s 3. Someday we can get her an American Girl doll if she wants, but for now, this is perfect. I opted for the doll only, instead of a doll with lots of accessories because we have a lot of playthings already.

Christmas Nightgown: Last year we started the tradition of giving Von Christmas pjs and a Christmas book on Christmas Eve. This is the nightgown I picked this year. I sized up because last year she grew out of her nightgown in about a month.

Pick a Pine Tree book: This was my Christmas book pick this year! If you want to get a good Christmas book, I recommend checking out this post for some ideas! We did The Polar Express last year. I love having Christmas picture books, and this is a fun way to add to our collection.

Those are the only gifts that we bought. But here’s a few I know are coming from grandparents (or Santa):

Reel them In Fishing Game: Von is going to love this! I feel like it’s perfect for her age and I think we’ll be spending a lot of time together playing this.

Vet Barbie: Von is almost 4 and has discovered her love of Barbies. She also LOVES animals, so this vet Barbie would be perfect for her!

Polly Pocket Vet Care Set: Again, she loves animals and little things, so this will be another winner.

I feel like this year Von is getting some good toys. It’s finally time to swap out some of the toys she’s had since she was a baby and move into toys she can play with more. She’s very into dolls and Barbies, hence this list. Her birthday is also in February, so I’ll share another list of her birthday gifts then!

What are you getting your toddlers for Christmas this year?

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